new Fido2Result()

Name Type Description
authnrData Map

Authenticator data that was parsed and validated

clientData Map

Client data that was parsed and validated

expectations Map

The expectations that were used to validate the result

request Object

The request that was validated

audit Map

A collection of audit information, such as useful warnings and information. May be useful for risk engines or for debugging.

Name Type Description
validExpectations Boolean

Whether the expectations that were provided were complete and valid

validRequest Boolean

Whether the request message was complete and valid

complete Boolean

Whether all fields in the result have been validated

journal Set

A list of the fields that were validated

warning Map

A set of warnings that were generated while validating the result

info Map

A set of informational fields that were generated while validating the result. Includes any x509 extensions of the attestation certificate during registration, and whether the key supports a rollback counter during authentication.