Holds a single MDS entry that provides the metadata for an authenticator. Contains both the TOC data (such as statusReports and url) as well as all the metadata statment data. All the metadata has been converted from the integers found in the FIDORegistry and FIDO UAF Registry have been converted to more friendly values. The following values are converted:

  • attachmentHint - converted to Array of Strings
  • attestationTypes - converted to Array of Strings
  • authenticationAlgorithm - converted to String
  • keyProtection - converted to Array of Strings
  • matcherProtection - converted to Array of Strings
  • publicKeyAlgAndEncoding - converted to String
  • tcDisplay - converted to Array of Strings
  • userVerificationDetails - converted to Array of Array of UserVerificationDesc

See the FIDO Metadata Specification for a description of each of the properties of this class.


new MdsEntry(mdsEntry, tocEntry) → {mdsEntry}

  • Creates a new MDS entry. It is assumed that the entry has already been validated. The typical way of creating new MdsEntry objects is via the MdsCollection#addEntry and MdsCollection#validate methods, which will take care of parsing and validing the MDS entry for you.

Name Type Description
mdsEntry Object

The parsed and validated metadata statement Object for this entry

tocEntry Object

The parsed and validated TOC information Object for this entry


The properly formatted MDS entry